Our History


The Original Flashlight Ideas logo design…

Our corporation was originally thought of at the dinning room table in Campbell, California the spring of 2001 by three people: 1) our founder Bob Benninghofen; 2) a partner in Deb B. who decided not to move forward after three months; and 3) our management consultant and advisor Sorin D. – all for the purpose of designing and delivering data consulting services for business.

The best name suggested by Deb was “Veritas” meaning truth because she believed that our consulting services were to be based in truth, for us to become truth-tellers, all the while uncovering business truths through our clients big data.

As a threesome, we shortened Veritas to Verit, selected a higher alphabetic ranking changing the V to B for Benninghofen, then doubling the r’s and t’s to become Berritt. We were thinking international: believing big that Berrritt International could cover all our prospects. But, as some things go… it fell apart after Deb decided not to move forward. Completely dejected, Bob couldn’t get out of bed for two days. He managed to call two friends, whom suggested getting into nature, being quiet and get away for a few days. He immediately packed and took off.

After a 48-hour stay-awake-no-talking sojourn to a monastery in Big Sur – new ideas began to flourish. Bob restarted down a different pathway deciding that truth would still be the centerpiece value and core belief. He thought it would be possible to turn a flashlight on people and their business to inspect what was occurring to help reveal challenges and issues.  Flashlight Ideas was a second generation name that didn’t last, but it allowed a return full circle to the Berritt name – mainly because of the truth-finding-and-telling focus that could become a cornerstone mission.

The Original Ideas Logo of Flashlight Ideas - Red Background & Black Ideas Icon

The Original Ideas Logo of Flashlight Ideas

Bob called Deb, asked for release of her part in the naming, received her permission and decided to drop the International portion to focus upon the US Domestic market place: people and their businesses.  So Bob kept the name, also the initial purpose of being truth tellers, but decided that education products and services about systemic belief systems would bring out the best in people: this made the compass point north. It rang true quickly for Bob and he founded “Berritt, Inc.” in October 2001 as an educational products and services consulting business…

We are still fond of the Flashlight Ideas Logo design, especially because our graphic designer, Sarah of Right Left Design, created icons from different letters from the name. For us, the icon on this page is both a corporate-mission Icon and Symbol of the staying-hold-of and being-cause in the idea and action of truth-finding and truth-telling.